Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How we Know What we Know about the Brain

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "How we Know What we Know about the Brain” (formerly “The Case of the Knocked-Out Neuron: Why brain neurons die and how we can save them”) Dr. Swanson will talk about how we have learned what we know about the brain and about his work's impact on Alzheimer's disease and stroke. He will also talk about how scientists work to figure out why neurons die and what can be done to keep them alive.


Kaushik said...

I thought this seminar was really cool. I did not know that alcohol affected the brain. I learned that the eyes are controlled in the frontal lobes. I also learned that planning is in the front of the brain. The Phineas Gage incident helped scientists learn more about the brain's functions.

Jessy said...

I didn't know that the eyes are connected to the back of the brain, or that you could live after portions of your brain were removed. I knew you could have brain surgery, but I never understood what exactly it was that they were doing or how the people lived through it. ((Sorry for late comment, i forgot ><))

Raji said...

The Phineas Gage case was pretty astounding... I'm shocked he really survived. The brain is such an intriguing part of the body, and it's sort of a tragedy that not very much is known about it. I think this was a decent seminar, but I was disappointed that was not enlightened on certain topic that I am specifically interested in. On a positive note, this seminar urged me to continue my own "research" and read up more on neurological topics.