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Mapping the Human Brain

by Sandra Ning, Terra Linda HS A fMRI scan of the human brain. This method of scanning the brain shows both function (activity shown in color) and tissues of the brain, and requires no radioactive substances to scan. (source)
    Irina Rabkina, an undergraduate neuroscience major and next speaker, graciously answered some questions about the broad field of neuroscience. Rabkina is a Terra Linda alumna who has gone on to study at Scripps College. She does research at the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies with Dr. Paul Zak.

    The human brain is complex, and so is the study of it. Though Rabkina explains everything from decision-making to the structure of the human brain, neuroeconomics—and the puzzling presence of underwear in her upcoming lecture—still remains a mystery that, as Rabkina put it, 'you'll have to come to my talk to find out!'

In general, what is the field of neuroscience?

    The most simple definition of neuroscience, in my opinion, is that it is the study of th…