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Sun, Skin Cancer, and the Highlands of Guatemala with James Cleaver, PhD of UCSF

Dr. Cleaver will describe the discovery of a Guatemalan village with a high incidence of skin cancer and his lab's plans for their care. The genetic cause is a failure to repair sunlight damage to DNA. Repair of DNA is a mechanism our bodies possess for protection against all kinds of environmental exposures. DNA repair defects are involved in many kinds of cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Get the flyer here. (April 21, 2010)

Dr. Cleaver gained his BA and PhD at the University of Cambridge, England. He spent two years as a postdoctoral student at Harvard, and joined the faculty of UCSF in 1966 in the Laboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental Health, and became the research director. He discovered that the basis of xeroderma pigmentosum was a DNA repair deficiency in 1968, and has worked on this and related diseases ever since. He was granted Emeritus status at UCSF in January 2004, but continues to carry out research.  His appointments as Professor are held i…

Analysis and Dating of Ancient Chinese Jade with Sam Bernstein

March 3, 2010
Analysis and Dating of Ancient Chinese Jade with Sam Bernstein

Mr. Sam Bernstein will lecture on the topic of stylistic and physical examination techniques utilized in authenticating ancient Chinese Works of art. The usefulness of art historical and scientific testing techniques give us a valuable tool kit for understanding how ancient artists worked. Get the flyer here.(March 3, 2010)

Sam Bernstein is an internationally recognized authority on Chinese jades. His company, S. Bernstein & Co., deals in Chinese jade, antiquities, and rare books on China and jade. It is located on the first floor of the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco.