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Aug. 10, 2009 - Field trip to Atlas Cafe "Down to a Science" Science Cafe

From the Down to a Science website. Join us! You can RSVP at the Facebook event page here or by sending me an email at

When: Monday, August 10th 7-9 PM
What: Confessions of an Alien Hunter
Where:Atlas Cafe, 3049 20th St @ Alabama St. in the Mission District
Who:Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute, Renowned Alien Hunter
The Deets:
Why do we think aliens are out there? Is Earth really being visited? Will aliens really be short, gray, and hairless? What happens if we pick up a signal from another world?

These are just a few of the questions this month’s guest, Seth Shostak, tackles regularly in his role as the senior astronomer for the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute. Shostak will also discuss the beginnings of life on earth, how this knowledge impacts what astronomers search for in other galaxies, and the growing consortium of scientific voices who believe "it would be offensively self-centered to imagine that what…